The Story of Purple Yam


    Purple Yam stands for good homemade food: panini sandwiches, ice creams and pastries such as our native bibingka sa galapong and buko pie using the best of local produce and artisanal products from the different regions of the Philippines.


    The kiosk at Estancia Mall is an extension of Purple Yam Malate’s desire to share the exciting discoveries of our journey back to our homeland.  After 21 years of running a Filipino pan-Asian restaurant in New York City, we are coming home to a land and environment that is rich with fruits, nuts, greens, herbs, citrus fruits, vinegars, palm sugar, honey from indigenous people.  The discoveries are endless.


    Join us in our exciting journey to a magical land called the Philippines!


Amy Besa and Chef Romy Dorotan, owners,

Purple Yam Brooklyn (USA)

Purple Yam Malate (Philippines)

Purple Yam Estancia (Pasig, Metro Manila)


This Ice Cream Needs to Be on Your Summer Bucket List

You need to try these Pinoy ice cream flavors before summer ends!

This kiosk is run by Amy Besa and Romy Dorotan—two Filipinos who have been in New York City’s restaurant industry since 1995. Purple Yam, their Filipino restaurant which was first opened in Brooklyn in 2009, set up shop in Malate in 2014 with the Estancia Mall kiosk following not long after in 2015.

Amy and Romy take pride in showing that Filipino products are world-class, and their products back up that philosophy completely. Purple Yam’s ice cream is top-notch in every way possible: smooth, creamy, and a total treat to your taste buds.

I remember the first time we cut into the sapiro, which is the very fragrant ube variety from Benguet, I could smell the aroma all the way across the kitchen. And when you cook it, it has undertones of pandan. These fragrant varieties are very light and lavender colored, so we mix our sapiro with deep purple varieties to create a deeper color in our ice cream,
— Amy Besa

By Catalina Altomonte from