The Malate Kitchen Products by Purple Yam


We have partnered with Good Food Community (GFC) to produce pickles and preserves using excess produce from the 200 organic farmers they work with in Central Luzon and the Cordilleras. We are using all the artisanal ingredients we have been using in our meals at Purple Yam Malate to create delicious, clean and healthy products to (1) increase these farmers’ livelihoods; (2) help alleviate food waste and (3) liven up Filipino meals by making these organic produce accessible to a broader market in the MM area and hopefully in other areas of the Philippines as well.

We’ve had many twists and turns, but am grateful to the leadership of my team headed up by Charlene C. Tan (our Marketing Director), Tak Yee Lee (Business Mgr) and Chef Rap Cristobal (Head Chef) and our talented crew of chefs Jorn Fonseca Marion Paggao and Xandi Guevarra (pastry). Thanks to support work by Ivy Peralta.

Yes, there are a lot of odds against us, but we are determined to reestablish that link between responsible farmers who care about the earth, the mindful consumer and that most precious thing that links us together: the Filipino table where families and friends get together for meals that nourish and sustain us.

That is my next concept to uphold, preserve and share with you: the tradition of the Filipino meal on that beautiful Filipino table that has kept us together as a people, a culture and a nation whether at home or abroad. All Purple Yam locations (Brooklyn, Malate & more in the future) are all about the Filipino table embracing love for the food and how it’s shared with hospitality and generosity.